Sunday, July 1, 2012

Gratitude and Shameless Promotion

We all knew starting this business would be hard work and filled with many moments of stress.

And while this is definitely true, allow me to take a moment to express our excitement.

We are excited for all of the friends and family members that support us and believe in what we are doing.
We are excited for all of the strangers and acquaintances that support us and even though they do not know us well, still believe in what we are doing.
We are excited for all of the bloggers out there that support us. You have more influence than you may realize.
We are excited for all of our author friends that support us and are willing to lend their name and energy to our efforts. The symbiotic relationships that we have with particularly Maria V Snyder, Megan Hart and Nicole Peeler let us know just how blessed we are.

We really look forward to selling their personalized signed books to their fans. Because we too are fans and know how exciting it is to hold one of their books in our hands, with our names on it, signed by those lovely ladies. We want to directly help them just as they are helping us.

Now the part of the blog where I'd also like to do a little shameless promotion. (Don't read that as you can stop reading)

In order for the wonderful things to happen that we have planned, we need capital, money, you know, the stuff that makes the world go 'round. This is unfortunately how these things work.
We have the annoying but necessary legal fees out of the way. ::claps hands:: Yay! This is a direct result of 5 people contributing to our Indiegogo Campaign. A huge part of our start-up happened because of only 5 people. It's amazing to think about.

Next stop is paying someone to create our website, complete with shopping carts, so that we can start selling all the stock we have piled up. And boy is it piled...we're running out of room in our trunks, and have long-since run out of room in our houses. PLEASE LET US SELL THEM. If only to make space... for things like... living. And we need a little extra money to protect us in case we don't sell things as quickly as we need to compensate for operating costs. It may take us some time to figure out the best practices.
Plus, the more money we can raise, the more spectacular our Sign and Dine Even in October will be. Food, books, and talking to authors, what? How awesome is that?

4 options of what we need and would really really really really love you to do:
  1. Donate at a minimum of $1 to our Indiegogo campaign. (If we have 100 people that support us and they all donate even just $1...well, you can do math...)
  2. Comment on our Indiegogo page and tell us why you're excited about our store. This puts us higher on the search list and gives us more exposure, but it also lends a more personal and sincere feel to our campaign that people can better relate too.
  3. Share/retweet any of our posts/tweets to help expand our reach.
  4. Talk to people about what we're trying to do.  It can be that simple.  
If you're excited, maybe one of your friends or a family member will be too. This is our hope.

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