Sunday, March 10, 2013

2013 BEA Countdown Giveaways!

Book Expo America is only a few weeks away! We need to clear some space to make room for all the new ARCs we will bringing home with us. With that being said, we have many already released ARCs to give away. So what that means for you, is that every week, you will have a chance to win a collection of books. Sometimes the books are grouped together by genre, sometimes by release date, sometimes it will be a random assortment. The point is, you can win free books!

How it works:
Each week there will be a new prize package released on Sunday. Each contest will last two weeks. You simply need to enter using the rafflecopter widgets to your right. Answer a question, like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter, tweet about our contest, each option earning you extra entries.

Take this opportunity to either read something different, read something you've been meaning to get around to...or get free copies of books you are really excited about! There will even be a few signed books along the way...

Check out our calendar widget at the bottom to see what our next giveaway is! 

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