Friday, April 26, 2013

An Anouncement

Dear Family,

We are excited that so many of you have found us. We hope you will continue to spread the word of our mere existence. It is in that very vein that this particular blog post comes along.

We're making some changes! They will all be SUPER amazing and allow us to serve you better. For the next few months, you'll notice that the shop and its webpage will be down. Don't fret, we'll be back soon. And we'll be introducing some of you to the FABULOUS Megan Hart. Those who already know her and can't wait to get your hands on her next books will have some surprises too.

So until July 23, 2013 we hope you'll continue following your favorite indie bookstore via Facebook and Twitter. Come July 23rd, be ready to have your book finding mind explode. (Okay, maybe that's overkill. And a bit of pressure for our webmistresses. Hey that's how the big guys do it, right?) At the very least, there will be more titles and authors available to order and a whole new set of books able to be purchased & personalized without leaving the comfort of your couch.

Our friend Kat from 2chicksreading is, unfortunately, the only one who will be able to attend BEA this year. She's going to wear her Ceilidh t-shirt at least once and would love to make some new friends. So if you too are going, and you see her, say "Hi!" and ask if she needs a copy of anything for us here at the Ceilidh.

Our current rafflecopter giveaways are still going on. Once they're over, there may be pre-opening/re-opening giveaways. One just never knows! 

Thanks for your continued support!

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